Ducumentation / Plugin Amendment Suggestion - Modbus

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Ducumentation / Plugin Amendment Suggestion - Modbus

Postby Robertspark » Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:33 pm

Would it be possible to add to the Modbus Manual and the plugin that the 8 function types:
Read Coils, Read HoldingRegisters, Read InputRegisters, Read Inputs,
Write SingleCoil, Write Single Register, Write MultipleCoils, Write MultipleRegisters.

These are sometimes referred to in manufactures manuals by their Hex references (such as the manuf manual extract below):
Read Coils 0x01 or 01 hex or 1 DEC,
Read Holding Registers 0x03 or 03 hex or 3 DEC,
Read Input Registers 0x04 or 04 hex or 4 DEC,
Read Inputs 0x02 or 02 hex or 2 DEC,
Write Single Coil 0x05 or 05 hex or 5 DEC,
Write Single Register 0x06 or 06 hex or 6 DEC,
Write Multiple Coils, 0x0F or 05 hex or 15 DEC
Write Multiple Registers 0x10 or 10 hex or 16 DEC.

It is then easier to know (from the attached manual extract) to select "Write Single Register" as the function type when creating an "add Function" within the plugin.

Likewise the "Modbus start Register" within the Add function of the UCCNC plugin is a Decimal Address, so when the manual says 0200H (hex) or as per the example manual extract Starting Data Address 02H 00H, you need to convert this to Decimal which is "512"
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