Simple Oxy-Acetylene Post Processor ( sheetcam ) + uccnc

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Simple Oxy-Acetylene Post Processor ( sheetcam ) + uccnc

Postby Robertspark » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:47 pm

AS per title: Simple Oxy-Acetylene Post Processor ( sheetcam ) + uccnc

It is "simple" because it presumes:
- No Torch Height Control
- Floating Head to zero the torch at the initial start of the programme
- after zeroing the torch .... manual ignition and setting of the torch up to cut and then manually pressing the "start" to continue the cutting operation.

USUAL DISCLAIMERS APPLY..... I have not tried this on a machine as I do not have a torch to try it on.... no responsibility will be accepted in any way shape or form for you setting an autonomous machine to run with a code that you have not checked or varified!!!

Attached is the sheetcam post processor ..... unfortunatly the UCCNC forum does not accept *.scpost files.... hence I've changed it to *.txt..... just rename it to *.scpost extension and load it into sheetcam. {its actually a text file which is written in LUA hence you can read it, which I recommend}

Also attached is the *.tap gcode file + a couple of screenshots.
2018-06-14 23_37_38-.png
2018-06-14 23_36_41-Program Manager.png
UCCNC Simple OxyAcetylene.txt
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