new break out board looks good!

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Re: new break out board looks good!

Postby cncdrive » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:06 am

Do the legs on UC300ETH-5LPT match the one on UCBB ? I just want to know which pin for step dir ? Is that sequential, I mean pin O1 as X step, O2 as X dir, ... 016 as C step, 017 as C dir ... 6 axis ?

As described in the UCBB datasheet all outputs are electrically equivalent and all inputs are electrically equivalent, so it is only up to you which output will be what function, any of the outputs can be configured as e.g. X step or X dir or Y step or Ydir etc. and any of the inputs can be configured to any input functions e.g. limit, home, etc..
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Re: new break out board looks good!

Postby TadasM » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:39 pm

Finally had an hour to do some testing with UCBB. Tested 24V control signals (step, dir). Also, as it was suggested - Enable signal as substitute for the Charge pump. All working good :) Thank You gents.
Only one question so far - is it OK to use "servo ON" and Servo drive contactor from same output (I have used OUT3/CN1) ?

Or should I connect "servo ON" permanently to 24V source and make "Enable" signal (OUT3) only for activating contactor ?
Like so:
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