keep scrolled Gcode window locked

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keep scrolled Gcode window locked

Postby Derek » Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:27 am

I couldn't quite figure how to title it. I've asked this before and it's really irritating. So much so that I figure I must be doing something different from everyone else.

I will often scroll through code and send the spindle to a position in the code to check something. In Mach I used to be able to jog or MDI and the gcode widow would stay right where I had left it so that I could continue on to check the next section. Every time I hit enter on the MDI the code rewinds and I have to start all over. Right now I have two choices. write down the line number to return to via scrolling or right down all of the positions and then MDI from that. Why does the Gcode need to rewind in the window when the return key is pressed?

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