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Re: DRO for Requested tool

Postby Vmax549 » Fri May 11, 2018 12:24 pm

Teh average user should not have to learn to write macros to get usefull functions from UCCNC.

Otherwise it gets teh reputation that LinuxCNC and Mach4 has gotten. "IF you want a function you need to learn to program so you can write it yourself"

It is different thought if it is a special function only unique to yourself.

For example If there was a Next tool DRO. YOu have both teh next tool and active tool on screen. WITHOUT the user having do anything they have access to both DROs.


When teh T1 is cycled they have info reguarding teh up coming tool. At teh next M6 tool change they will already know what teh next tool is so they can get it ready.

The idea is to GIVE users features and functions that will HELP them without THEM having to learn to program macros or plugins. AND everyone gets access to teh feature.

This generation of users is NOT really interested in programing. They just want to make parts NOT build a controller or build a new screenset or create functions by programing macros.

Just a thought (;-) TP
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