Issue with "M3 Delay After On/Off" when Dwell is set to secs

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Issue with "M3 Delay After On/Off" when Dwell is set to secs

Postby CNC22369 » Sun Dec 29, 2019 9:40 pm

When the Dwell time unit is set to "seconds" using the General Settings tab check box, then the M3 Delay After On value becomes seconds rather than being milliseconds as stated on page 23 of the UCCNC manual.

Setup: UCCNC test version 1.2112 running in UC300_5LPT demo mode using the default profile

Test example: M3 Delays After On/Off are set to 1000. Using MDI, execute M3. The Dwell LED lights and the Dwell Time displays 1000. The program will stay in dwell for 1000 seconds rather than 1 second. If M3 Delay After On is set to 10 and the Off delay remains 1000, then when M3 is executed, the Dwell LED will light for 10 seconds and then turn off. If M5 is then executed, a 1000 second Off delay will start. Unchecking the Dwell seconds setting returns the M3 delay values to milliseconds and things work as documented.

Quick tests of M4, M7 & M8 Delays After... showed they have the same issue. So, are the above results caused by a program bug or does the documentation need to be updated?

Thanks for looking into this minor issue.
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Re: Issue with "M3 Delay After On/Off" when Dwell is set to

Postby cncdrive » Sun Dec 29, 2019 9:52 pm

Yes, it is how it has to work, if the dwell time is seconds instead of milliseconds checkbox is set then ofcourse the the time is seconds not milliseconds, so M3 with an 1000 setting will mean 1000 seconds. To get 1 seconds delay with the time measured in seconds you have to set 1 value.
So, there is no bug, it is how it works.
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