Making version 3 of my unique flash adapter

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Making version 3 of my unique flash adapter

Postby A_Camera » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:46 pm

Previously I used Mach3 for making the earlier versions of this small plastic thing, which is the reason why I got into this CNC hobby the first place. UCCNC didn't exist, or was in a very early stage of development back then, when I made the first version so I was relying on Mach3 and the original G code was using radius compensation. It worked well and I never really had any trouble with Mach3, so I continued using it even for version 2.

I wanted to continue with UCCNC and stop using Mach3 but had no time converting the G-code until a few weeks ago. Now, finally I am ready and also made a series of video showing the actual making of version 3 of this adapter, which I call V3-F1A. The adapter is for users of a Nikon camera model which has a special flash shoe and with the help of my adapter the users of these camera models can use standard flashes, not forced to use the only two models available for these camera models.

Just thought I will share the three video I made, showing how I make these adapters. It involves 3D milling, the work piece is turned around many times, five if the six sides are milled and two of the six sides are drilled. I am using 4 twist drills (1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 5mm diameter) and four different 2 flute cutters (0.6, 2, 3 and 6mm diameter) to make each one of them.

The next step will be code optimization, since it is clear that there are quite a few moves which are not necessary and are just time wasters, but the G-code is working just fine and the adapters are very well made, much better than the previous versions. Note, that I don't have a machinist background at all, my formal education is in electronics and software/firmware and management, so this trade is new to me and I am 100% self educated in it, so if you professional machinists see something I am doing wrong, well... so be it, not ashamed of it at all. However, you are welcome to comment and propose improvements, I am willing to learn and change my work flow.

I think in these video it is clear that the probing screen I made is really very useful, making my work more efficient, and with all these manual tool changing it is absolutely necessary. In the meantime, the probe screen is further developed but decided not to make the files public. Maybe later I will do it, but right now no. Have additional plans for it and will also make some additional changes before I decide to make it available (or not). Anyway, the new screen is visible in several frames so it can give you some ideas.
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