Box for UC300-5LPT

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Box for UC300-5LPT

Postby » Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:17 am

Until I get a CNC Router built, I'll be using the UC300 with UCCNC to control my Sherline Mill, mainly as a way to get familiar with the software/hardware. I looked for some sort of box to hold the UC300-5LPT since the Sherline controller has no room for it. Not finding anything that I liked, I decided to design my own. The box is 6"x5"x1.5" with a 1/4" plexiglass top and will be made out of some material a friend had laying around. It is similar to HDPE, but not quite as hard. I've made a couple of similar boxes out of it for other projects and it's very easy to mill. I've been wanting to put some home switches on the Sherline, but didn't have an easy way to connect them to the existing controller, so this should make it easy. I'll also be able to take my laptop and this box over to a friend's router and demonstrate the features of UCCNC. :D
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