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PID tuning servos

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 2:56 pm
by geckocycles
I just can't get close to tuning my motors. I don't see anything like the photos in the manuals.
The tops of the graph is cut off completely unless I put in 20000 steps to move in servoconfig3 and one motor won't move at all at that setting, just a click. They all jog as expected in Mach4 and start and run smooth as is.
I have well over 100 hrs in the last week or so trying every setting I can think of. Had motors run non stop and crash the software to the point of turning off power and control alt delete to end program. THis happened on 2 of CNC4PC recommendations, one is the one in their manual. DG4S08020 drives, HEDS 5500 1024 encoders on Lesson 63v 3.75a motors that were on the machine from the late 80's and were fine before this upgrade.