Difficulty in clearing reset when using 2106

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Difficulty in clearing reset when using 2106

Postby CNC22369 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:38 am

I'm in the process of upgrading the BOB hardware on a mill. In doing so, I've had considerable difficulty in getting 2106 UCCNC to reset. I won't go into much detail due to the large number of things I tested or tried in an effort to get 2106 UCCNC to reset. In summary, after having no luck with my full profile on 2106, I went back to the default profile with only the estop and charge pump I/O configured. The problem still occurred. After thoroughly checking the hardware and wiring (the diagnostic tab always showed correct signal states), I began suspecting UCCNC was somehow causing the problem. I installed released version 2049 and using the same minimal configuration for its default profile, everything worked as it should -- no problems whatsoever. But no matter what I did including replacing hardware, 2106 would not reset --- this was 100% repeatable. Finally, I noticed that 2106 needed an axis enabled and that at least the step pin/port needed to be populated. With this done, 2106 would reset. Removing the axis setup, caused the problem to reappear. So at least in my case, there appears to be some interaction that caused reset to stay active.

Now, I wondered why my full profile did not work with 2106 since it had the axis setup info. After reviewing the axis setup tab, there were some boxes checked on unused axes that apparently were also causing UCCNC to stay in reset. After I cleared the check boxes (by editing the profile file -- I could not do it within UCCNC) 2106 started working as expected using my full profile.

Therefore, I am passing on the possibility that there may be some reset interaction issue in 2106 when the right set of axis items are filled (or not). At this point, I'm good to go although I still have a lot more testing to do.

If this has already been covered elsewhere, then of course please disregard it.


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Re: Difficulty in clearing reset when using 2106

Postby cncdrive » Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:07 am

We did not hear anything like this so far about the 1.2106.
I do not clearly understand your description. You talking about the axis enable checkbox? That is what did not work for you?
Can you post your profile when it is wrong and does not allow the checkbox to be cleared? I mean then we could check it here...

And unremovable reset can be caused by safety signals or plugins could call the reset function.
Safety signals are the E-stop input and the limit switches.
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