UC100 malfunction??

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UC100 malfunction??

Postby wisconsinjimmy » Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:45 pm

I am having a problem that has gotten very perplexing, I am using Mach3 software and my controller is from HobbyCNC (ez board). All of my motors are working but the Y axis does not want to respond when I turn on the controller the motors energize and X and Z will move but Y does nothing. This is the second control board the first did the same thing and I returned to maker and it tested fine.
The UC100 has a solid green and blue can you tell me how I can tell if the UC100 is malfunctioning
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Re: UC100 malfunction??

Postby cncdrive » Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:02 am

If you are sure that the motor controller board is working then what problem can be is that the step/dir port and pin numbers in setup for that axis are set incorrectly.
Or if the board needs an enable signal per axis (depends on the board) then that might be not configured to the correct port/pin number.

Or the step/dir output pins of the UC100 are not working, damaged. The only way they are not working is if the output buffer is damaged,
because we test every UC100 using automatic tester electronics which tests all outputs, so it had to be working before we shipped the device, otherwise it would not pass the quality control tests and so the device would be not shipped then.
However the 74HC14 output buffer ICs which ICs are built into the UC100 can survive lots of things. Ofcourse just like everything else they can be damaged, but they usually even live-through short circuits.
So, unless there was somekind of serious overvoltage connected to the outputs then there should be no problem with them.

What you could easily verify is the direction signal. You can measure that simply with a multimeter. Just measure the voltage between the GND (pins 18 to 25. of the UC100 DB25 connector) and between the output pin of the Y axis dir signal. Then jog the axis left, measure. Jog the axis right and measure. The voltage should be 0Volts for one direction and 5Volts for the other direction.
Unfortunately the step signal you can only verify with an oscilloscope, but what you could do to verify the output driver if you do not have a scope is to change (recofigure) the dir pin number just temporarily to the step pin number and do the same measurement as above. So, you could measure it out using a direction signal measurement and using a multimeter.
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