Assigning several outputs to same output pin.

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Assigning several outputs to same output pin.

Postby beefy » Wed Feb 28, 2018 6:03 am

Hi Balazs,

I'm setting up / testing the Neuron Lite THC from Andrew (Shad).

I've already assigned the synchronous output for THC Enable and that's working great. It basically "tells" the Neuron to halt torch height control while the signal is high.

We've also got the "Anti-Dive" synchronous output, and the "Anti-Down" synchronous output. These could also be used to command the Neuron to halt torch height control. However the Neuron only has one input for the "hold" signal.

In UCCNC, could all 3 synchronous outputs (THC Enable, Anti-Dive, Anti-Down) be assigned to the SAME output pin, so that if any of these signals were active, the output would go high (I generally use low for inactive, high output for active).

Or is that not possible and would I have to make an external circuit, something like a 3 input OR gate, and assign 3 separate output pins to those 3 signals.


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