Spindle not changing rotation on M3 / M4

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Re: Spindle not changing rotation on M3 / M4

Postby cncdrive » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:31 pm

I don't have a drawing of this unfortunately, but what I advice to do is:

1.) Configure your VFD to input start signal on one input and configure another input to be used as direction signal.
2.) Wire the start signal to the start input and configure both the M3 and M4 relay outputs with that output pin. And configure the active low checkbox according to your VFD's input type, if it needs low or high signal to start. Configure both the M3 and M4 the same way, same active low setting and same pin number.
3.) Wire the direction output to the VFD direction input and configure it as the Dir pin in the PWM spindle settings and set the active low checkbox according to the positive rotation direction you want, you can change to what direction the motor will run with M3 and M4, you can reverse the direction of them using this checkbox.
4.) Wire the analog signal to the analog input and configure it as the spindle PWM pin, so it will be the analog signal.

Also don't forget to common the ground of the VFD's analog and digital input's ground screw terminal(s). Not the PE ground , but the analog and inputs circuits grounds and the HDBB2 powersupply GND (0Volts of the PSU)

This way your system is safer, because there is a need for the start signal and also for the analog signal for the motor to start spinning.
Ofcourse still keep other safety standards and rules and do the wiring carefully, because there is high voltage when you open the deck of a VFD.
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