CNC Machining Cost Calculation Method using Total Travel di

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CNC Machining Cost Calculation Method using Total Travel di

Postby Bipin Babu » Sun Jun 09, 2024 5:39 pm

Can I get any input on this? Or it is silly /nonsense...!
Please help..!

I was thinking to generate a universal Template for Machining cost Calculation..!
whether simple letter signage or complex relief carving, this template should be enough to calculate machining cost based on collective Axis motor Load

For calculating the machining cost,
Can We find or calculate the total travel distance of G-codes in mm/inch ?,
I mean The total cumulative distance all 3 axis combined to finish a particular G-code...!

I was thinking about how to charge for machining cost on a cnc router, based on axis intensity and distance...!

simple 2.5D carving/grooving jobs and highly detailed relief carving jobs using all three axis are different very much , right?
So combining all distances on all axis will give us the cumulative figure of distance

1.00hr running X and Y only for 2.5D Carving is different from
1.00hr running X and Y and Z for a relief carving

So ,Not only the time,We have to consider all axis included in operation.!

Is there any method for this type of calculation..!
or already simple solution is there...!

Is it complicated? or nonsense?!
Bipin Babu
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