Random trouble with G31

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Random trouble with G31

Postby sebmay » Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:05 pm


Some times (At least once a day), i get a strange behaviour when running G31 : the machine stops like it had touched something with the probe, but as soon as the descending Z movement starts, generally 3 cm over the target.
I placed a big large square on the main screen which lit when the probe is hit, in place of the UCCNC logo on the top right,.
I assure you that this big square does not lit in the case.

The only way to get everything back to normal behaviour is to reboot the PC. Not a too big deal.

I assure you i removed any useless software : no automatic updates (flash, windows, adobe reader, skype, team viewer etc...), and no program is started at boot.

The pc is fully dedicated to uccnc. It's a big proc, big ram, win7 64.

Surely, i manually started some program, like firefox or thunderbird or anything which interfere. I use Cambam and Vcarve Desktop.I want to signal that just in case somebody got a clue.

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