Reoccuring bug with MacroLoops

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Re: Reoccuring bug with MacroLoops

Postby Vmax549 » Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:05 pm

IF it were a code problem would it not happen all the time ?? Same code running it can run just fine for hours or days or weeks. Then some condition(unknown at this time) is met inside of UCCNC that triggers teh bug to start. When it starts the only avenue is to restart UCCNC.

It does not happen all teh time AND a restart cures it for an unknown period of time. The code for the most part is simply switching outputs and monitoring inputs as a background function (ATC HotSwap). But for this reason it cannot be trusted so I am having to go teh PLC route for background services to teh ATC. Otherwise UCCNC handles everything in teh background perfectly except for Background Axis moves. The axis moves as a background move ALWAYS runs out of sync with teh rest of teh code. You never know when the move will fire. Most of teh time it runs AFTER teh rest of teh Gcode program runns THEN teh background move will run(way too late (;-) ).

This is for Dereks newest ATC. A double arm hotswapping tool changer. His single arm articulating ATC has been running fine as frog hair cut 3 ways. BUT it does not run any background functions so it does not have any problem that way.

The new ATC is needed for the new 5 axis setup for head porting. He Designs teh heads, Cast teh heads, Processes teh heads and machines teh castings. Now he is NOW going to do teh optional CNC porting with 5 axis control. Getting heads CNC ported turns out to be a Long process to get done as much as a year or more wait. Can't sell heads that way (;-)
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Re: Reoccuring bug with MacroLoops

Postby Robertspark » Sun Aug 18, 2019 10:30 pm

it sounds like loops creating loops creating loops that make everything run slower and slower

hence I suggested having a look at the memory as it should get bloated with more and more parallel threads... I had something similar once .... can't remember why or how but I solved it by looking at the code in more detail and breaking it down into chunks.

I was lucky as the macroloop was creating the issue every loop.... to the issue was apparent faster.... hence it may be an input that is toggling the code issue periodically and creating other threads

if you are not precious about the code then post it here otherwise ask cncdrive to maybe take a look in private / confidence

good luck
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