mach3 emulate probe successfully

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mach3 emulate probe successfully

Postby docslip » Sun Nov 06, 2022 4:23 pm

I have failed at this topic couple years ago. Having been working on code solutions and custom wizards for a local business I found myself in need of automatically testing my wheel probing code, as getting time on the large lathe was infrequent.

So in a nutshell- No: emulating the probe input on the ports and pins input page will only turn on the # 825 LED. Assumes ext controller. . Instead, try emulate another input such as OEMInput #1. Then write a simple brain with oeminput #1 as input , a timer set as a one-shot with 200mS period and finally an output terminator, say #4 for example.
Now connect physical wire from this unused output back to the probe input. Done deal every time you press the key assigned, led 825 will lite up, the g31 code will stop, record its position and proceed. This method works but it will get very tiresome.

Instead, now that you have the know-how , write a brain , call it something like DRO_Z_Probe.brn-. Use the Z DRO as input, a comparitor following, set to less than -0.5 , for example, with a spare output terminator like mentioned above. Wire this back to probe input and test away.
Naturally you'll want your imagination to make these basic ideas more useful. But as is you can fire up Art F's bed of nails probing wizard and run it for hours. This will allow you to check phase jitter and overall repeatability of your setup. Throw your digitized probe file into excel and check your captured value with a simple standard deviation macro. Do it again but this time double your kernel speed . Any improvement ?

Hope this simple explanation helps someone.
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