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Macro Wizard Example & Template

Postby Vmax549 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:24 pm

Here is a sample Wizard that you can play with. M9098. You can also use it as a template to build your own special wizard for what ever you need.

It shows what you need to add to build a complete wizard. You can change the names of anything to suite your use.

It also show a method to assemble and write the Gcode file.

The First line is the identifier so that you can auto load the startup info into a menu if you chose. It does not have to be there for a macro wizard to work.

I also included the image file it goes into your Macro folder along with the Macro.

Look at it, play with it, take it apart and remake your own special wizard.

You will also notice that teh wizard can run mouseless. Teh {TAB} key moves you through teh data fields. {TAB} goes forward and {Shift_Tab} goes backwards. When you get to the end of the data fields it tabs over to the buttons and you press enter to run.

I will help you learn macro Wizards and can explain what I know about macroWizards if you need help to understand them.

Have Fun, (;-) TP
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