4th axis engraving ??

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Re: 4th axis engraving ??

Postby cncdrive » Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:39 pm


Ofcourse we not adding stuff on first demands. I even had a bad affair on cnczone a long time ago because some guys demanded things and I said that we have a scheudle of it, but it is not on the top of our todo list and they did not like that answer. But that's OK, because we will not change our scheudles just because one or two guys start demanding to do something else.

How we add new things to the software is we have a todo/to be developed list. What we think is the most important gets to the top and the importance is lower and lower as we go to the bottom of the list.
When somebody gives us a good idea or advice what to develop or if we figure out something ourselves then we make a note of that and it may or may not go onto our list, depends on a later discussion.
Also when we end a development cycle we reconsider the order of items on the list, because things could change about the priority of things as the time goes.
Ofcourse we also take into account if a thing was asked by X people or 10*X people or 100*X people. The more people asks about something will likely move that thing up on our list and so then it will be developed earlier.
We also taking the complexness of the list items into account and if something is very complex and could easily influance other things if badly implemented then we likely move that lower on the list, because then the development of that item can delay the development of other smaller items if we make a mistake with the complex one and so we have to correct things in the next test releases after developing that.
Just think about the G41/G42, it was planned for years and finally it was developed, but afterwards still minor changes and additional codes were required and there are still a few things we want to change and add, so it was a similarly if not even more complex development than the rotary axis or the S-curve profiling. We have to be and are very careful when we decide and when we add these type of complicated new functions.

And ofcoure bug and problem fixes always go above of everything on our list, so when we receive bug reports we have to stop with what we actually develop and have to fix that bug and this is why we consider the complexnex of items on our todo list, because more complex items can possibly make more bugs which could delay us more in adding other things...

If we concretize and talking about the 4th axis feature or I would say features because as I have mentioned it is not only one boolean option, but requires many sub-options to work in enough scenarios to make it useful for most applications and most machines, then I can say that it is already on our list, but it is not yet decided if we want to develop it before or after we will extend the motion planner to support S-curves profiling.
Both things require complex changes and added codes and so we do not see yet what is the better to do first, but will further dig into it and will make a decision once we will get there, but a few items still to be done on our list before we reach that.

And our development is probably better than Art's because we are not a "one man army". I mean even the best programmer can make mistakes especially when working alone and even the best programmer can get a tunnel vision when doing something too long. I often see this on myself and I also see this sometimes on collegues. Sometimes I work on a thing for days and I can't figure out an issue and then I ask a collegue about his opinion and the issue is new to him, but he figures it out in minutes giving a fully new perspective for me. And the same can happen with other collegues too.
We working with a team and so we can correct eachother in the planning phase and in the coding phase. Our creed is the "more eyes see more". :)
And sometimes even guys on the forum (I could say friends by now I think) or even customers correct our ideas which is also great. We always think about and consider useful and proper reasonings which is not equal to that we are easy to be convinced, but we always listening and considering and we doing it as a company, as a team and not as a single person.
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Re: 4th axis engraving ??

Postby Vmax549 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:13 pm

I sure HOPE we are friends :) IF I were closer I would have already dropped off a new puppy for you.

(;-) TP
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Re: 4th axis engraving ??

Postby cncdrive » Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:16 am

Hi Terry,

Yes, ofcourse we are friends, it's not a question.
A new puppy would be nice to get, it's a pitty that an ocean is in the way between us. :(
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