Any information on UCCNC modal start up states.

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Any information on UCCNC modal start up states.

Postby beefy » Sun Dec 31, 2017 3:05 am

Trying to get to know UCCNC a bit better.

I used label 877 (Activemodal) to show me what modal states UCCNC starts up with, without any gcode file loaded.

This is the result I got:

Do we have any documentation explaining what modal states are reset at each gcode file load, and which modal states remain at what the last gcode file put them at (i.e. are not reset at file load).

For instance Balazs has already explained to me that G90 must be specified at the beginning of a gcode file (if you want that mode of course) because G91/G90 is NOT reset on file load.

Ha ha, also just noticed that active modal states (label 877) are displayed in the MDI window. Never noticed that until now and I'd wrote a macro to do it for me :lol:
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