Tool Management feature

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Tool Management feature

Postby Vmax549 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:19 pm

Here is what I have working so far with Tool Managment.

When you call for a tool change UCCNC will display a picture of teh Tool Type you are to use AND gives you teh specifics of that tool. Tool Diam, Description , Material type.

Here are some screenshot of it working. First is teh program is loaded and ready to go(TM1) . You can see in teh Gcode notes what teh required tools are.

Teh second shot (TM2) is after teh M6T1 call is made and before any tool change action has started. There is a picture displayed of teh type tool and teh specifics of that tool.

The third shot (TM3) is teh machine back in action.

The fourth shot (TM4) is after teh next tool change is called. You can verify that the tool you have in your hand IS teh correct tool.

(;-) TP
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