Encoder outputs

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Encoder outputs

Postby Chuck767 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:51 pm

I have your DG4S – 16035 drives on a controls update for my Shizoka mill. The Fanuc servos have differential encoders (A, B,-A & -B).

Does it make any sense to use your differential line driver that only requires A and B channel inputs or use all four encoder inputs, (A, B,-A & -B).

The reason I'm asking is these Fanuc encoders are getting hard to find and are expensive.

If I only used the A & B channels and for some reason (short or overvoltage) they were damaged, I would still have the other two channels to fall back on. Whereas I would not have a fallback position if I used all four channels and one or two were damaged.

Also If it was ok to use your Differential line drivers using only A and B encoder signals, could I get better performance by not using the Differential line drivers and using all four encoder channels (A, B,-A & -B)?

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