Spindle and Gear box for Setting Spindle encoder feedback

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Spindle and Gear box for Setting Spindle encoder feedback

Postby KLaphaphong » Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:38 am

Hello Everyone,

Now, I try to retrofit very old milling machine and first time to use UCCNC software.

I use UC300ETH + UB1 for motion control card.

I have to use G84 (rigid tapping) and try to setup spindle encoder and index.

I setup spindle with step/direction control

Spindle motor has encoder on the back side to feedback to Delta VFD drive with 1024 ppr.

This machine has gear box and connect to shaft that drive to tool holder.

Please see the picture of machine:

I use spindle motor encoder to setup on A and B encoder in spindle setup page.

For index pulse, I connect NPN proximity sensor behind to gear box.

Please see the picture:

This index sensor will be detect actual speed on tool.

After setup all pin, I have to tuning resolution of encoder to compatible with actual spindle speed.

I test the system and found the problem:

1. If I change gear, I need to tuning resolution of encoder again and resolution is limit at 9999.
2. Encoder Pin can not detect encoder signal in high rpm. such as (500 rpm * 1024 ppr)/ 60 sec = 8.53 KHz

My Idea : If I connect another encoder with low resolution behind to gear box. This encoder will feedback to actual speed of spindle.

This idea will can solving my problem or not.

Could someone please to share your experience on this?

Best Regards,
Krittawit Laphaphong
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Re: Spindle and Gear box for Setting Spindle encoder feedbac

Postby Battwell » Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:59 pm

Put a single pulse proximity sensor direct on the spindle somewhere for index.
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Don't use an encoder for spindle index- the pulse is too short.
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