UCCNC software with the JP-3163B board

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UCCNC software with the JP-3163B board

Postby Rsonjohn » Sun May 06, 2018 5:46 pm

I recently picked up a 6040C chinese cnc router still in the box from a guy who needed to sell it for financial reasons. I am new to the CNC world so I could use some advice......and help. The machine itself looks to be ok for my uses,,,,not any commercial use. The machine came with Planet CNC software (which may be a pirated copy). So far the software works to jog the machine buy I have not cut anything with it. I purchased the UCCNC software and the UC100 motion controller to have a real legitimate copy of software and a manual in English. The problem to begin with is I cannot get the setup correct to even jog the machine. The supplier of the software does not seem to be able to help with this issue.
So is anyone using the UCCNC software with this JP-3163B board and how have you configured the software to work with it?
I assume at some point I will do some upgrades to the machine but to start with I would just like to get it working then get into making it better.
Any help would be appreciated.

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