UC100 Y and A Axis problems

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UC100 Y and A Axis problems

Postby CNC623 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:48 pm

I finally got my CNC mill working with the UC100 controller using UCCNC software. The mill worked great for three days.. on the fourth day when I turned it on, the Y axis started to shake and hesitate when I jogged it. Pressing the Down key starts the Y axis motor moving in a clock wise direction, pressing the Down arrow again moves the Y axis motor in an anti-clockwise direction.. the Direction seems to jump around.
Also I now see that keeping the step count high makes the motor buzz and not move. Using the same numbers for the X and Z axis works fine. But not Y.

To eliminate all other devices I did the following:
1. Connected the X motor to the Y socket, moves the problem to X axis so the Y axis motors are good.
2. Replaced Y axis motor Driver DM860A and power supply -- still an issue with Y. So the drivers/power supply is good.
3. Replaced Breakout Board -- still an issue with Y - so both breakout boards are good. The first one I used is from https://machdrives.com/bbc.aspx and the 2nd a generic DB25 from Longs motors.

I all cases the X and Z axis worked fine.

I also tried connecting the Y driver to the A axis slave of Y and ran it with the shaking and direction change at random, also connecting the Y driver to the A axis and ran it with the shaking and direction change at random.

I also noticed that I have to reduce the steps for Y axis for it to move at all -- where as the X & Z axis work with a much higher step count.

I have attached the profiles I used to test this with the DB25 BB and the MachDrive BB

Initially the machine was working great with the MachDrive BB - no hesitation, motors ran smoothly, I could Home the 3 axis and was able to run a G-Code program perfectly.

The blue and green lights on the UC100 come on steady. All the lights on the two BB are all green.

At this point i am trying to return/get a refund for the UC100 as it should be covered by a warranty, along with the licence i paid for with not much results either.
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Re: UC100 Y and A Axis problems

Postby GF357 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:05 pm

I had a vaguely similar problem with a slave axis randomly becoming unresponsive, losing steps, etc. Turned out to be a nick in the stepper motor cable that would intermittently short only when doing long movements with that axis.
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Re: UC100 Y and A Axis problems

Postby cncdrive » Fri Mar 16, 2018 2:32 am

If you bought the UC100 from us and if you think there is a problem with the device then you can send us an email if you want to return it to us, but please note that the 15th and 16th March is a national holiday here at us, so please expect a reply only on Monday.
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