Problems with THC/touch sensor

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Problems with THC/touch sensor

Postby Healinhand » Thu Nov 17, 2022 9:45 pm

Hardware is AXBB-E, (CNC4PC)THC-1, PTS-1 touch sensor. SheetCam, UCCNC Ver 1.2115.
My issues are: When running the "Test" file. Everything works as it should.
When using sheetcam, neither of the 3 post processors list will work properly. If i use the "no thc" the thc works, but the touch sensor does not.
If I use the post processor with thc, the torch goes to the location, touches off twice and the Z goes to the upper limit. The torch never fires. Bracket(1).tap[/attachment]

Any help would be much appreciated
File i`m practicing on.
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Re: Problems with THC/touch sensor

Postby Jduke » Sun Nov 20, 2022 5:47 pm

full disclaimer I don't have THC working on my machine but I have had the PTS-1 working for quite a while the file you sent has an M31 command not a G31 command before each cut
best I can tell M31 is a park command for telling your machine to return to home after cutting.

I substituted a G31 Z-100 F10 and it worked for me.

your choices are to either edit the post processor for sheet cam, or the quick and dirty solution I have used, is to open the g-code in notepad and use find and replace to replace all the M31 commands with a G31 with correct parameters.
I have had to do this with fusion for a while, until someone smarter than me edited a post processor to allow this in the that work flow.

you will also need to set a g92 temporary offset every time you probe, thats to account for your probe offset, in the case of ohmic sensing it should be G92 Z0

hope that helps

also have you gotten your THC to work?
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Re: Problems with THC/touch sensor

Postby Healinhand » Sun Nov 20, 2022 7:40 pm

Thanks for looking at it. The THC appears to be working. I get movement on the Z axis while cutting. I`m going to do a little testing on the ok to move signal coming out of the thc.
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