Recovering from a stoppage cleanly

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Recovering from a stoppage cleanly

Postby The-Meerkat » Wed Dec 15, 2021 2:31 am

I hope those reading this post are well and thriving.

Every so often, I’ll be plasma cutting nirvana. You know, having a good day. Making beauty out of metal. Feeling like I’m on top of the curve. Got my groove. Everything is going great. Then Bam! I’ll have an unexpected problem forcing me to stop. It could be an accidental tip-up of a part that was cut. It could be a spot of crud on the material or torch that caused a failed arc in the middle of a project. It could be any number of things that happen to all of us with our machines….

I’m looking for tips on how to rewind and recover from these things and flawlessly finish the cuts. I’ve had some successes and some failures here. There are a few YouTube videos out that detail how to recover using Mach3, but nothing I’ve seen is for UCCNC.

I’m working on bigger and more intricate designs these days. Eventually, I’m bound to screw-up a large design that will cost me a whole sheet of steel. It’s already happened to me on a 1/4 sheet.

When you have to stop & rewind back to a pierce point and start again, what are the steps you take? Also, question 2 - if you had a successful pierce then the torch moves along and cuts, then you suddenly lose the arc, how do you recover from that? (Somewhere after the pierce, but before the end of a cut.)

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