Manual Reverse or Forward in the trajectory

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Manual Reverse or Forward in the trajectory

Postby Oscatjavi11 » Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:18 am

Hi all, please you help
I am building plasma cutting machine with UCCNC software and THC NEURON , the machine is working good .But if machine stop while cutting ( consumables damage , arc lost , low presure air plasma, etc) , then I need restart the arc again ,if the position was when stop the machine is easy , only with start the PLasma (m3 Commend) , but if the position was other I need to move the machine forward or reverse of trajectory . I dont know how to make in the UCCNC SOFTWARE

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Re: Manual Reverse or Forward in the trajectory

Postby shad » Tue Jan 26, 2021 9:29 pm

Hello Oscar!
UCCNC when lost the ArkOK signal stop XY motion with deceleration and automatically return on the position where loosing arc issued.
For continue cutting you have to use CutRecovery button on the Neuron UCCNC Screen.
Also there is a special plugin for the UCCNC - UCCNC CUTSTART from the Plasmicon.
Plugin allow to jump to any point of the cutting trajectory and then continue cutting via cut recovery button. ... t/?lang=en
-- Andrew
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