UCCNC Skipping M5 Command On Leadout Line

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UCCNC Skipping M5 Command On Leadout Line

Postby RMW2019 » Mon Dec 07, 2020 1:06 am

Hello evryone. Sorry my first post here is a question but I am totally stumped. I have noticed on a couple of occasions that UCCNC skips the M5 torch off command when leading out of a boundary and going to the next. Attached you will see a screen grab of the screen. This instance is between the last inside boundary and the outer perimeter. You can see the M5 callout but the torch did not switch off causing the rapid move to the outer perimeter to be though cut. This has happened 2 other times and seems to be random but rerunning the program it does the same thing. Is there a setting (look ahead or other) that can be adjusted to remedy this? Thanks in advance for any light you guys may shed!
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Re: UCCNC Skipping M5 Command On Leadout Line

Postby cncdrive » Mon Dec 07, 2020 7:34 am

The M5 command is aszncronous to the motion which means that when there is an M5 command then the controller waits for the motion to end emptying the motion buffer and then executing the M5 command and then continuing to execute the g/code program.
So, it cannot be the lookahead problem.

I don!t remember that anybody reported any issues with the M3^M5 switching with any versions of the UCCNC, so I doubt that it is a software problem.
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