2 Probes - Post Processor?

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2 Probes - Post Processor?

Postby The-Meerkat » Fri Jun 26, 2020 9:51 pm

Software and my U300eth setup, I have the ability to configure 2 probes. See the screenshot attached. I currently have my floating Z Head Switch wired to input pin 2, Probe 1. I have my OHMIC Touch-off sensor/switch wired to to input pin 5, Probe 2. Both probes work well. Either can be used in the post processor to auto set the initial torch start height.

There has got to be an easy way to use these both together in a Post Processor using code and/or I/O triggers, but it’s eluding me. Along with all the other goodies in a post processor, I just want the Z axis to go down Torch touches the material surface and the OHMIC sensor trips, then move back up to the perfect torch start height. If that sensor fails, I want the Z to continue down until the floating head switch trips and then raise back up to the torch start height. In short, post processor initiates G31, probe 1 trips and initiates the proper torch start height sequence from the surface, if probe 1 fails probe 2 triggers the sequence but also includes the additional upward travel needed to reach the torch start height.

I could sure use some help.

All the best,

Scott Meer
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