SteelTailor upgrade help

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SteelTailor upgrade help

Postby BensPlasmaAU » Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:07 am

Hello all,

I've been a long time reader on the forums here and have found it to be really amazing for information. Hopefully i can also be of help along the way, but i have to hand it to some of you. You know SOOOO much more than i can fathom to understand. I have recently finished my DIY build and am now going through the fine tuning and diagnoses of small issues (surely related to the nut behind the wheel).

I have a friend with a Chinese built SteelTailor G3 machine and it has never really worked correctly. It moves around and cuts his steel plates and gets it to an OK point as he makes truck bodies. But when it comes to doing smaller more intricate artwork like putting logos into plates, this machine fails dismally. I was thinking he would be better off with getting an upgrade to the controller and getting a UCCNC UB1 with Neuron and changing the crappy push button controller to a PC interface.

The machine uses Panasonic servo drives and the controller is a FangLing FL2300. Out of the gate it looks like the UCCNC/UB1 and the neuron should be able to shoehorn in here and take over the control. But i thought i would put it to the brains trust and see if anyone would like to have a little look. The main thing i think i am struggling with is making the servo motors work, not sure how it all goes with the encoders and drives. Clearpath Servos (what i used on mine) are a hell of a lot easier.



Panasonic motor connections.PNG

Pin out table.PNG

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Re: SteelTailor upgrade help

Postby Vmax549 » Sun Oct 27, 2019 6:04 pm

So what is BAD about teh existing controller that you think UCCNC will cure ?

(;-) TP
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Re: SteelTailor upgrade help

Postby cncdrive » Sun Oct 27, 2019 6:19 pm

OK, but what is your question?
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