4th axis wrapper

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4th axis wrapper

Postby Vmax549 » Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:50 am

This is a Wizard that allows you to Swap teh Y axis ouput to teh a axis so that you can program teh part as XY and it machines as XA. It also sets up teh Y axis so that it represents teh Part diameter of teh Part being machined. A part that is 2"in Diam will have different Step/per settings than a 10" diam part.

To use UNZIP teh file into your Macro folder. You can then call it from teh MDI (M20929) or set up a hotkey to load it.

When you open teh wizard teh part diam filed is already selected for you to enter teh value. Then use teh TAB key to move to teh next function. It then goes to teh load parameters button. Press this and it loads up teh Y and A setup values from UCCNC.

Press TAB again to move to teh setup button. Press that and teh Wizard will calculate teh new settings for A axis to represent teh Part Diameter. It updates teh Left hand side DROS to show you the new settings. It also shows you the part CIRCUMFERENCE so you know how big to program teh cylinder engraving for.

It also then SWAPS teh Y axis to teh A axis so that Y now drives teh Axis.

After that then close down the wizzard and you are good to go.

after you are finished machining then to swap back simply open teh Wizard again and goto teh {RESET UCCNC to normal } buttom and press it and teh wizard will reset UCCNC back to normal.

Being that teh Wizard NEVER rewrite teh PRO file (uccncs setup file) then in a worst case senario just shut down UCCNC and restart. It will reload back to normal.

See if it works for you and let me know IF there is anything that needs to change OR anything I need to ADD to make it better.

(;-) TP
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