UCCNC Text Engraver for UCCNC (;-)

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UCCNC Text Engraver for UCCNC (;-)

Postby Vmax549 » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:17 am

This is a simple text engraver created by UCCNC. I created a way to USE this program inside of UCCNC.

NOTE::: It only outputs Gcode in METRIC values. BUT you can use UCCNC scaling (G50) to set teh size to INCH. Metric/25 == inch. You can also scale teh size inside of Textgraver in setup.

First take teh Textgraver.ZIP and unzip it into C:\UCCNC\

You should then have a folder C:\UCCNC\Textgraver with teh program files in there.

Next take teh Macro M20937 and place it in your Macro folder.

To run Call M20937 form the MDI or create a hotkey or screen button for it.

Call M20937 and it loads up teh UCCNC TextEngraver program. You can set up the POST to set up the program parameters.

Type in a phrase to engrave.

Then hit SAVE and set the SAVE IN to C:\UCCNC\Example_codes

Set the file name to Textgraver and hit enter. DO NOT change the type for the filename just type in Textgraver and hit enter.

Next exit the program and it will load up the saved file in UCCNC ready for you to run.

You HAVE to follow the instruction for saveIN and teh filename or it will not work.

Once the file is loaded in UCCNC you can then open the Gcode editor and save it anywhere and call it anything you please.

(;-) TP
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