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Postby Vmax549 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:44 pm

Here is an interesting Wizard that lets you enter Gcode words and you can see what it looks like in UCCNCs toolpath. It is great for praticing up on your Gcode skills or leaning Gcode. It uses any UCCNC gcode string as you would normally program it.

To start open the Wizard from the MDI line with M20934.
Next click on the Create NewFile button and it creates and Opens the file in UCCNC. Next start typing in Gcode command strings. Then hit your {ENTER} key . This copies the string into the open Gcodefile and displays it. IF you see you made a mistake in your last entry simply hit {Delete} and it will remove the last line you entered. If you follow the Gcode words you see in the Picture you will create the Toolpath you see in the picture.

You can RUN teh Gcode program to watch it as it runs. Then continue on if you choose.

When you are done and you want to save the file to another name simply CLOSE the Wizard then open the file editor and SAVE AS to another name.

(;-) TP
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