Rember and Return function

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Re: Rember and Return function

Postby dezsoe » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:22 am

Hi Terry,

Hit { REM } this records teh XYZ Position infomation and any Modal modes This is teh point of return. It then raises teh Z up to ZHome( G53 X0)

It's not the first time I meet G0 G53 Z0 as a safe position for Z. It may be a good practice on some machines, but there are others that don't have 0 at the top. As you could probably find out, mine also don't have the Z0 there. Before 2101 I set 50 to Write offset on homing and my SmartHome macro pulled Z back to 45. In 2101 and later I set 45 to Write offset on homing and -5 to back off. Also, my softlimit Z+ is set to 45. Running to Z0 in machine coords could make some trouble on my machine... :) I don't know what would be the best way: parametric, input, anything else? In my macros when I have to pull up Z fully I use the softlimit value, but you cannot guarantee that on others' machine softlimit is set.

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    exec.Code("G00 G53 Z" + AS3.Getfielddouble(42).ToString("F4"));             // Go to Zaxissoftlimitplus

Sorry, I don't know the resolution, only the problem... :)
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Re: Rember and Return function

Postby Dan911 » Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:58 pm

IMO I think you will find more users with soft limits disabled than you would not using 0 for top. I would just add a
messagebox to give warning and a chance to edit. User can always slash// out the messagebox once aware and edit if needed.

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Re: Rember and Return function

Postby Sword » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:44 pm

I'll try this on a machine later, but trying it in demo mode, I get a way points full message upon the first Remember.

Ideally, the Z would pull up right away with the cycle stop. Assuming this would be a UCCNC thing, but suppose a macro for the cycle stop button would work too. :?:
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Re: Rember and Return function

Postby Sword » Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:24 pm

Thanks Vmax, that got it working (both in demo and at the machine), but it seems that it needs to be done again after a restart. Hitting Return to clear it can cause some unwanted movement as well, possibly from some previously saved waypoints.

Understand about the auto raise issue. While I seldom do any undercutting with a table router and wood, I can see the possibilities for those with mills. That said, as soon as you hit remember, that's what happens. So, don't hit cycle stop until it's no longer in an undercut situation.

In testing, I see a couple of issues. Here's a step by step...cycle stop, remember (Z retracts here which is fine with me, but not so much for any undercutters out there :o ), click ok for first waypoint, jog somewhere, remember, click ok for second waypoint, jog somewhere again if desired, etc. until all waypoints are used and then hit return and ok. It now makes it's return path, but it asks to start spindle/coolant one step to soon (if more than one waypoint). At this point, it would be nice to have the dialog stay on top because you have to click away to start the spindle and then bring the dialog back up to click ok. If you have more than one waypoint, it now makes it's last return path and then down to where it was. If you click on ok to the start spindle/coolant before clicking away to start them, it will take off without being ready or having started them.

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