Gcode Runtime Estimator V2

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Gcode Runtime Estimator V2

Postby Dan911 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:07 am

I been using this plugin for some time now but been waiting to share until the next UCCNC version 48 update because cncdrive confirmed changes to canned cycles. Plugin will calculate canned cycles based on these confirmed changes. Until then makes sure Gcode has a retract(R) per UCCNC manual for each new hole x y position.

My goal was to make Gcode runtime estimator customized to your/my UCCNC settings, will only calculate by inches per min or mm per min

Gcode used in calculations:

G0 - uses UCCNC axis settings and max velocity
G1 - uses UCCNC axis settings with set feed-rate in gcode
G2 - uses I and J or radius (exact stop or cv enabled)
G3 - uses I and J or radius (exact stop or cv enabled)
G4 - uses UCCNC ms or second in configure settings

Calculates canned cycles 73, 81, 82, 83(Z, R, Q, P)...please read above for canned cycles

I kept this plugin unit less but only tested on my imperial US English windows system so all comment reviews are welcomed. This plugin will still estimate in demo 200 step system setup but will work best with a actual system setup.


1. Put plugin in UCCNC/plugin folder and Enable
2. Create a standard button in UCCNC screen edit with a label# 5111

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