Video cam based profile probing

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Re: Video cam based profile probing

Postby Andygoodman » Fri Jan 03, 2020 9:03 am


Great, works perfectly. I just installed a USB microscope real quick and it's seems to be real nice. Just need to fix a better attachment that doesn't vibrate.

Hopefully get some time this weekend to play :D
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Re: Video cam based profile probing

Postby eabrust » Fri Apr 10, 2020 2:07 am

UCamCopy has been updated to v. 1.010 and is available for download here:

Updates in v 1.010:
-Now provided in a self-extracting zip.exe file. Just point it to install in the UCCNC directory!
-Added 3D viewer (shared w/ ProbeIt for UCCNC), displays geometry recorded and camera position in real time
-Tweaked/fixed the PID calculations. Had issue that the X and Y PIDs would both saturate at 100% when traversing along path that was near 45 degrees diagonal.
-Mask can be made longer than 100 pixels
-Added a ‘DROs’ Tab, which alows selection of work coordinate and zeroing of axis
-Added ability to open existing DXFs, you can then record and append data to DXF that is opened
-Added ‘CSV’ perimeter recording, save out a comma separated value file of the perimeter recorded along w/ DXF
-Some interface ‘cleanup’ and button adjustments
-Added some ‘default’ xml files, you can select inch or metric on load. After using the defaults, be sure to hit ‘save settings’ to save your XML settings.

The primary change was the addition of the 'viewer' which is now shared w/ the ProbeIt plugin. Both plugins will update individually for minor changes, but I will update both simultaneously as I make changes to the viewer.
UCamCopy Viewer.png

Installer will not overwrite your existing settings (ucamcopy.xml) file, but I'd recommend saving a copy of your settings somewhere, or copy the entire UCamCopy folder out as a backup should you want to revert back to the prior version. When installing, point the installer to the UCCNC directory (top level), not the plugins folder:
instal direct2.PNG

As always, comments and bug reports welcome, its still a work in progress.

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