UCCNC 1.2047 was released

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UCCNC 1.2047 was released

Postby cncdrive » Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:43 pm

Bug fixes and changes:

- Added G50/G51 scaling code.
- Added G68/G69 rotation code.
- Added distance to go (DTG) DROs.
- New startup screen.
- Startup was made 10-40% faster (depends on PC).
- In screen editor mode the page up/ page down to bring objects to the front and back was reversed, fixed.
- FRO/SRO slider validation issue made these DROs to reset to 0 when the DRO value was changed with user value input, fixed.
- Feedrate and Spindle speed overriden DROs where added.
- G-code reload button was added.
- /d command line argument was added to let run in Demo mode only.
- Toolpath boundaries lines switch on/off option was added.
- g-code editor mouse right click Cut, Copy, paste etc. popup menu was added.
- The output triggers function select list contains duplicated entries of port#4, corrected.
- Toolpath drawing error for very very small full circles, the circles may not be drawn at all on the toolpath window, fixed.
- Issue with canned cycles, Peck to always rapid down to the R parameter if defined, fixed.
- Windows 10. mid-March cumulative update and Creators update release OpenGL bugs which slowed down the software to an unusable level, workaround was added.
- Tool center point (TCP) follow view mode was added to the Toolpath viewer.
- FRO sometimes locked after Stop button, it was only locked when there was no motion, so it was not a serious problem, but was now fixed.
- FRO over 100% with arc (G2/G3) codes could cause a problem when the circle toolpath deformated (too high axis speed was used) if the velocity parameters where different for the XY axis.
- UCCNC message text was added to the message windows to let users always know the message windows is UCCNC's message.
- UC300USB 2nd probe active low setting was not working, fixed.
- Ismoving wait was missing at the end of macros which caused coordintes registration error in exec.Code function calls if the next call did not move an axis but the previous code moved it, then the position could roll back to the previous command.
- Softlimits handling was separated to 2 parts, one is the g-code precheck and the second is checking the softlimits while in motion.
- Apply and Save Settings protection was added to not let to press buttons and enter DROs while applying or saving settings.
- Visual Basic plugin template file was updated.
- S overridden max. and min. limits to show in the DRO were missing, fixed.
- FRO and SRO override with analog input on the UC300 and UC300ETH did not update the S overridden and F overridden DROs, fixed.
- The probed coordinates registration into the # variables was accidentally commented out, so it was not working in the previous test release, fixed.
- Installer bootstrapped to detect the existance of the .NET 2.0 framework prerequirement. The installer now shows and error message and suggests to install the framework if the .NET framework is not installed.
- Plugininterface was missing the .Codelist directive, added.
- Plugininterface was missing the new Addled function prototype with the blinkLED property. This prototype was now added.
- G84 canned rigid tapping cycle code was added.
- G85 canned cycle was added.
- G86 canned cycle was added.
- G89 canned cycle was added.
- Reset function is now called on software exit, to remove the charge pump without any delays on the closing of the software.
- When G02/G03 arcs are stopped or feed hold on the very endpoint of the arc could cause a problem that on the next cycle that g-code line ment a full circle, because the start and endpoint were the same. This was fixed with jumping the g-code line number pointer to the next line when the arc stopped on the very endpoint.
- The macro parameters were not nulled out when a macro was previously called from MDI with parameters and after called from a button, so the parameters were still existed on that macro call, fixed.
- The example plugin (C# and VB) were extended with the Cyclestart_event which was in the software but was missing from the example.
- Changed how the Save settings work. Till now the Save settings were done with writting the file key by key which was slow especially on computers with slow disk access and also antivirus softwares and the Windows Defender could make this process slow. This was now changed that on Savesettings all keys from the profile file are read to the memory and the keys are written in the memory and finally all settings are written to the file with a single disk access. This speeds up the save settings process and also the offsets etc. saving process on closing.
- G84 peck rigid tapping cycle P parameter was changed to H parameter and the existance of the H parameter was reversed, so that it is now a right hand tap if the H parameter is not defined or if it is 0,
and is a left hand tap otherwise.
- The constructor macro startup issue was fixed, when I/O triggers could disable the macro before it was started running.
- The Input trigger was changed in a way that the input bits states are now used as a startup condition, so the input triggers will not trigger on startup, it only triggers when the user triggers the input only after the software is already running. This was originally made the same way, but due to a code error it was not working like this and the input trigger triggered anyways on startup.
- The reset popup message box is now disabled before the M99998 macro starts running.
- An issue with the M10/M11 code which caused the sync output to not switch in some circumstances was fixed.
- G86 boring code got a H parameter to select between rapid and feed pullout of the tool.
- Softlimit issue when the g-code softlimits precheck was disabled, but the softlimit was enabled did not stop the motion properly if the axes were commanded to the softlimits with g-code, issue fixed.
- Getrotate function was added to the macro and plugin interfaces.
- Altgr + characters like # were not accepted by the MDI, fixed.
- Colorpicker window startup position was changed to not show up out of screen.
- Support for the CNCroom -UB1 motherboard was added.
- Slider control acceptclick parameter was added, so the sliders can't be moved with click only with pull if this parameter is set false.
- In the toolpath viewer a plate with grid can be setup and viewed which plate can show the table working area.
- Some THC settings were not saved on closing, this issue was caused by the recent change of the Save settings function, fixed.
- THC anti-dive switch timing got a workaround to overcome the issue described in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=619&p=4545#p4545
- UC300ETH and UC400ETH incorrect accleration calculation caused strange movements to the B-axis, fixed.
- UC300ETH and UC400ETH when the spindle encoder got enabled caused lost steps due to an interrupt priority problem of the encoder counter.
- Rigid tapping codes set the Fset value to 0. The next motion in g-code execution reset the value properly, but if the motion was Cycle stopped on the rigid tapping g-code line that made the Fset to remain with 0 value which could possibly cause issues on the next g-codes execution, fixed.
- If e-stopped while homing an axis with a master-slave connection with separate home inputs, if the e-stop happened when the gantry squaring was executed, when the master and slave were disconnected to do the separate homing then the e-stop could cause the master-slave connection to remain breaked up, fixed.
- Interpolation problem in the CV optimiser for very small segments between arcs could cause a wrong interpolation of the small segment or arc, fixed.
- Jog stuck in one direction if the axis' jog direction was changed very quickly with calling the opposite jog direction function, fixed. The jog also stuck into the original jogging direction if both jog keys were pressed in for the same axis, now when both pressed then the axis stops jogging.
- There was a global issue with the laser PWM handling effecting all controllers which appeared only in a few circumstances, fixed.
- Autoleveler plugin was updated. (Thanks Cahit!)
- The M3 did not always enable the laser output (M10) in time, fixed.
- The Setoutpin function macro call caused the outputs to flicker in demo mode. This did not cause any real machine issue, because it effected the demo mode only, but we fixed the error now.
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