UCCNC 1.2037 was released

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UCCNC 1.2037 was released

Postby cncdrive » Thu Apr 27, 2017 2:39 am

The changes and bug fixes to the prior version:

- Virtual mouse function was further developed. Now in virtual mouse mode on Enter keyboard key press the left mouse down is emulated and on keyup the mouse left button up is emulated. The enter key can be used to drag items, e.g. the rulers on controls. And the virtual mouse is now enabled also on sub-windows, e.g. on the g-code open window, so it can be used to open files.
- The user fields and checkboxes ID>= 20000 are saved in the profil on Save file button press and on software closing.
- The macroloops missed the EN-US cultureinfo setting, so there was a number format issue in the macros when run in the loops on non English Windows, problem fixed.
- The macroloops started too earliy, a bit earlier than the GUI finalised the initialisation, problem fixed.
- Mouse scrolling to move the g-code was added to the g-code viewer.
- HTML encoding problem for special characters was fixed.
- An option was added to the General settings page to precompile all macros on the software startup.
If the option is set then all macros are compiled on the software startup and will run from the prebuilt assembly when the macro is called until the macro text is changed. The macros call always checks and compares the to the previous macro text and if the macro text was changed then the macro is recompiled.
If this option is not set then the macros are not recompiled on the software startup, but they are still stored compiled after the first macro call and until the macro text is changed. If the text is changed then the macro is recompiled. The macros executes an avarage of 1000 times faster if precompiled.

- Modbus plugin packet send retry count did not set and remained on default value, fixed.
- Jog panel auto popup disable option added with option to pop on mouse click only.
- Macro executer bug fixed which disabled the macro runs on Stop in previous test release.(Was a serious issue and this is why the previous test release was withdrawn.)
- Macros precompile progress window was added to macro precompile option. The window shows the progress of the macros compilation on startup and the process can be terminated pressing the onscreen Interrupt button.
- Up/down type textfields with same ID did not update eachother, fixed.
- Plugininterface Informplugin and Informplugins functions were added, the functions can send and return generic objects between plugins and macros. (Example in the docs.)
- exec.Codelist function was added which function can execute a List of g-codes using the look-ahead (CV) buffer. (Example in the docs.)
- Feedrate<0.6 was not working with probing, fixed.
- Blink property was added to the LEDs screen objects, so the LEDs can be blinked in their on states if this property is set true.
- New screen item Slider was added to the screen editor. The slider can be used to control the value of textfields, it works like the Windows Slider control.
- Laser plugin min. and max. values were changed to show in percent instead of 0-255 and the full range of 0-100% is not allowed for both.
- Variable #5060 was added to indicate success and errors of the probing.
- Input triggers were upgraded from 48pcs to 96pcs.
- Output triggers were upgraded from 48pcs to 96pcs.
- Hotkeys were upgraded from 48pcs to 96pcs.
- Button codes to hide and show jog panel were added. Can be used to pop out and hide the jog panel with hotkeys or input triggers.
- Toolpath view mouse double click to reset the toolpath to top view and contents zoom function added.
- Unknown g-code Wait for Cycle Start option could stuck and not run in some circumstances, fixed.
- Softlimits did not work properly when using slave axis, the software still checked the slave axis's softlimits range while it should not do that, fixed.
- G10 L1 load tool table Z=null case was not handled and generated an exception, fixed.
- G10 L1 load tool table was working with 48 tools only, was now updated to 96 tools.

- Fix for the new Q peck parameter for G33.1/2 rigid tapping.
- M31 macro code got an issue (one while ismoving row was accidentally deleted from the file) in the previous version, was fixed now.
- Removerunfromhere function was added to the plugin and macro interfaces. The function removes the RFH window to be shown sign after it's button is called. (more info in the docs)
- Probe stopped not properly with decceleration when the probing was interrupted by the user with a stop button, fixed.
- Support for CNC4PC M45 motherboard for UC300ETH was added. (The M45 is a near future product, it is not available yet for purchase.)

- An exception was thrown and not handled if the macro folder was deleted and the software started, fixed.
- An exception was thrown and not handled if the g-code viewer was scrolled with the mouse roller while a g-code was being loaded, fixed.
- The toolpath current line highlight was not showing the correct vectors after G33.1/2 codes in the g-code program, fixed.
- The RFH window was not invoked from the UI thread which could cause problems when the RFH window was shown if the Cycle start was called from plugins from other than the UI thread, fixed.
- The UCCNC installer language is now selectable, English, German, French and Hungarian languages are available. (Only the installer language, not the software GUI!)
- On multi-monitor systems the Openfiledialog window did not always appear on the same screen on which the UCCNC application was running. This is basicly a Windows problem/bug, we've added some tricky codes to solve this issue.
- The M10/M11 did not work always properly between arcs, fixed.
- The Limits override function did not always work properly in the Demo modes, fixed.
- The UCCNC installer and application is now digitally signed by CNCdrive Kft. with our Windows Code certificate which means a higher trust from Windows itself and from other applications like Antivirus softwares.
- Arcs radius tolerance parameter was added to the general settings page. The tolerance setting is for G2/3 arcs when defined with the Radius parameter.

- Screenset file load error details are now shown on the error message window.
- The arc radius tolerance parameter was missing from the Plasma screenset, fixed.
- The FRO and SRO were blinking the number on the screen when updated from a macro loop or a loop from a plugin, fixed.

- In the laser engrave plugin in some cases the code execution did not start, but triggered an e-stop, issue fixed.
- The spindle control analog output was always giving 0 value on the UC300ETH if the spindle PID controller was disabled, issue fixed.
- The Port 4. pin 6. input was not working properly for homing with the UC300ETH, issue fixed.
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