UCCNC 1.2022 was released

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UCCNC 1.2022 was released

Postby cncdrive » Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:59 pm

After a long development cycle the UCCNC version 1.2022 was released today and is available for download on our website.
The direct download link: http://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/download_UCCNC.php

The changes and bug fixes to the prior version:

- G28.1 working was changed to support homing of any individual axis with the G28.1 code.
- If the software triggers a reset with external e-stop or limit switches the cause is written in the Status field on the screen.
- The THC related functions were totally reworked and optimised out.
- New THC anti-down function introduced.
- THC anti dive function was now added to all motion controllers, earlier it was supported by the UC400ETH only.
- Cahit's Autoleveler plugin was added to the installation.
- THC can be controlled also with hotkeys and Input triggers.
- New THC screenset and profile and shortcut icon installs with the software.
- exec.Question function to ask question and get answer from the operator.
- Bug fixed about loading new profile from the profiles tab page, the application did not always restart when different screenset has to be loaded.
- Bug fixed Encoder settings were not downloaded to the motion controller properly on software startup in some situations.
- Second probe input was added.
- Safe probe mode was added for probe protection.
- Axes now stops when the probe input activates to protect probe and to make probing possible with jogging.
- Probe routine was reworked and now the probe coordinates are saved to # variables. More info in the UCCNC manual.
- UC300ETH motion controller support was added.
- Bug fixed about the step-mode jogging, numeric values rounding issue was fixed.
- Operator lock/unlock function was added.
- Statistics window with total travel, M3, M4, M7, M8 counts etc. informations was added.
- Modbus plugin with Modbus TCP, RTU and ASCII communications with unlimited number of possible Connections and functions.
- Spindle pulleys function was added.
- Option to validate DROs with no need to press enter key was added.
- Step jog mode Shift override was added and bug about it's feedrate was corrected.
- M40/M41 digitizing function and Probe menu for digitizing was added.
- Bug about UC400ETH timeout and lost connection on first startup after updating firmware and had to be then restarted when connected via switches/routers and DHCP enabled was fixed.
- Port and Pin settings fields min. and max. values are now overriden from software when loading the screenset to make defining them in the screenset easier.
- #Events tag was introduced in the macro interface and the Drawings.dll was added to the macro class, so Forms can be built and events can be handled in the macros.
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