UCCNC 1.2029 was released

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UCCNC 1.2029 was released

Postby cncdrive » Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:26 pm

The changes and bug fixes to the prior version:

- Current selected g-code line highlighted with selectable color on the toolpath.
- Jog screen did not resize on Window resize event, only when state change, bug fixed.
- Appearance tab page items were reorginised.
- On no screenset text found in the screenset file (zero text) the startup frozen, bug fixed.
- Textentered and Texfield click events were added to the plugin interface.
- Chargepump2. pin configuration was added (except the UC100 which has low pin count).
- Jog safe prode mode was made switchable with off by default. Button JSP to enable/disable it was added to the screenset.
- THC enabled, THC anti dive and THC anti down configurable outputs were added.
- Control keyboard key fixed shortcut was added to override the cont.jog mode to step-jog mode.
- Step mode jogging was converted to DRO based. Textfield for jog step distance was added to the jog screen.
- Laser outputs M10 still had a bug where the command was optimised out and removed after null sized motion commands, bug fixed.
- UC300ETH and UC400ETH DHCP acknowledge timeout was changed from 500msec to 3000msec to support routers with slow response to this command.
- Getvar and Setvar functions were moved to the exec object, so are now callable from macros also.
- M44 motherboard firmware was changed with pullups/downs disabled which caused problem for the inputs voltage range for this motherboard, so the inputs did not work.
- Virtual mouse function was added to emulate mouse move and click with keyboard, enable it with the Tab keyboard key.
- Screeneditor was missing the Add fill button and delete fills was also not working, added and fixed.
- UC300ETH_hi and UC300ETH_low motherboards configurations had an issue and the software did not startup in these modes, fixed.
- Focusoutoffields function was added to the plugininterface and macro interface. The function can be called to deselect the DRO (blinking cursor leave) which was selected for input.
- Issue fixed with the g-code line pointer stepped over with one line the M3 function if there was a feedrate change code in the next line, when the THC was enabled and the system was waiting for the ArcOK signal which did not come on. Now the g-code line pointer stops on the M3 line properly.
- Laserengrave plugin was updated with min. and max. pixel brightness offsets settings.
- Screen editor issue was fixed with Combobox Font size selection and save to screenset file caused a screenset error. Furthermore the Font size is now casted to integer to show as integer value in the Screen editor Font property field.
- The Utility tool in the /Util folder was updated with a bug fix which allowed to select the ethernet controllers even if the device was unpowered and had no connection anymore.
- Xbox360 plugin bug was fixed which did not allow the plugin to run in the background when the window was closed and in some cases caused the plugin to crash on closing.
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