Macro language reference and conversion of MACH3

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Macro language reference and conversion of MACH3

Postby CeeBee » Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:49 pm

Hey All

Long time mach user, and considering jumping to uccnc instead of mach4 when i update my machines.

I have several "complex" scripts that handle homing of all 5 axis and probing the tool in one shot, then setting my fixture offsets, and of course all of these are all reliant on several offsets having being programmed by yet again other macros. SO my transition would be creating all new screens with macros in them then converting the whole lot.

I do quite a bit of programming in c#, python in another arena so not to concerned about the transition, but it would be nice if there is any compatibility between the macro languages here and from mach3, from the bit i read it looks a bit closer to c# than vb?

does it have a dll i can drag into VS to use intellisense?
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Re: Macro language reference and conversion of MACH3

Postby eabrust » Fri Jan 17, 2020 2:48 am

Hi CeeBee,

I also transitioned from Mach3 to UCCNC (instead of M4). Based on what you said you do for programming, I think you'll like UCCNC. Both Macros and Plugins can be written in either C# or VB. This makes transitioning old Mach3 cypress/vb code to UCCNC less painful than trying to make it work in Mach4.

If you download and play with UCCNC demo, you'll find plugin templates in both VB and C#. Once you reference UCCNC's 'plugininterface.dll' into a project, you can then use intellisense also (for plugin creation).

Macro writing is a little more hands on (not done in visual studio, no intellisense), however Robertspark has created a notepad++ addon that has most of the functions/codes built into it. Found it:

CraftyCNC: Plugins for UCCNC (and other neat stuff):
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Re: Macro language reference and conversion of MACH3

Postby CeeBee » Fri Jan 17, 2020 3:12 am

Thanks downloaded it, found a c# wrapper for uc100 in the API folder. looks interesting. I have a few jobs that need cutting then Ill poke around with the demo.
Thanks for the reply. EDIT: The notepad++ addin is helpful too , TY
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Re: Macro language reference and conversion of MACH3

Postby Robertspark » Fri Jan 17, 2020 9:28 am

I probably need to update the notepad++ addin.

There is a macro manual below in my signature, but its in need of a little update :roll: (waiting for the next UCCNC development release as if I do it to the current one, I'll put money the next one will be out shortly after than.... or that is what I keep telling myself).

there is also this Gcode editor which can aide in writing macros (I've not used it .... too use to notepad++... try it one day :lol:
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