Machine Red-green colour Status Light Macro

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Re: Machine Red-green colour Status Light Macro

Postby marben » Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:29 am

dezsoe wrote:OK, here is a macroloop for flashing the output if reset is on. Save it as M2xxxx.txt and set as autorun in config/general/macroloop. Don't forget to set OutPort and OutPin constants!

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bool ResetState = exec.GetLED(25);
bool NewPinState;

if (ResetState != LastState)
  LastState = ResetState;
  Cnt = CntMax - 1;

if (ResetState)
  if (++Cnt == CntMax)
    Cnt = 0;
    NewPinState = !LastPinState;
    NewPinState = LastPinState;
  NewPinState = false;

if (NewPinState != LastPinState)
  LastPinState = NewPinState;
  if (NewPinState)
    exec.Setoutpin(OutPort, OutPin);
    exec.Clroutpin(OutPort, OutPin);


const int CntMax = 10;    // Flash speed in 50ms steps

const int OutPort = 2;    // Output port
const int OutPin = 2;     // Output pin

static int Cnt = 0;
static bool LastState = false;
static bool LastPinState = false;

HI, I've used this code in my setup, but is there any way to make the flashing equal? (same amount of time on and off?)
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Re: Machine Red-green colour Status Light Macro

Postby dezsoe » Mon Nov 23, 2020 6:57 am

It should be equal. A macroloop is called 20 times per second, the macroloop is set to change the output every 10 loops. There's no difference, the same code turns it on and off.
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