Display a dialog box from GCODE file text

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Display a dialog box from GCODE file text

Postby red6rick » Sat Oct 05, 2019 4:56 pm

I have a few hand-written gcode files which I use for specific things like vacuuming the table, resurfacing, drilling mounting holes, etc.
These require that the machine be in a specific configuration before running, and that isn't my typical go-to configuration for working. I wanted a way to force myself to think about the machine, and to remind myself of the requirements for a gcode file before running. So, I build this macro. It pulls lines of text from the gcode file and displays them in a modal dialog that requires a YES or NO answer.

I hope it's useful to someone...

// Display a MessageBox from inline text in a gcode file.
// The message follows the macro invocation, each line
// will be displayed in a YES/NO MessageBox.
// The first line will be used as a caption for the box,
// the other lines will be its body.
// MessageBox lines are recognized by an asterick in the third
// character of the line. A limit of six lines is arbitrarily
// imposed to prevent unintentional run-aways.
// For example, my hand-crafted gcode file to vacuum my table has this as
// its first lines:
// m20904
// ( * Assuming the origin is at machine 0,0)
// ( * The head is moved across the table without changing the Z position)
// Rick VanNorman, 05October2019
// rick@neverslow.com

int n = exec.Getcurrentgcodelinenumber()+1;
int lim = n+6;

string msg = "";
string tmp = "";
string caption = " PAY ATTENTION!";

tmp = exec.Getgcodelinetext(n++);
if (tmp[2] != '*') {
MessageBox.Show(exec.mainform,"No inline gcode message to display",caption);

caption = tmp.Substring(4,tmp.Length-5);

while (n<lim) {
tmp = exec.Getgcodelinetext(n++);
if (tmp[2] != '*') break;
msg = msg + tmp.Substring(4,tmp.Length-5) + "\n";

System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult result = MessageBox.Show(exec.mainform,msg,caption,MessageBoxButtons.YesNo);

if (result != System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.Yes) {
exec.AddStatusmessage("gcode aborted");
exec.Wait(250); // Wait 1/4 sec
exec.Callbutton(144); // Put machine in Reset mode
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Re: Display a dialog box from GCODE file text

Postby beefy » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:54 am

Thanks Red6Rick,

don't need it right now but every little code sample is useful to learn from at the least.

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